It’s time for a change

It’s time for a change
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Bottle made of 100% recycled material and still 100% recyclable

Since 2022, all 250, 500 and 750 ml Limeñita bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic and are still 100% recyclable.
Plastic has become an epidemic for the planet. Every day, more tons of this material end up in our rivers, lakes, seas and oceans.

What can we, as consumers, do? We have the opportunity to choose to consume environmentally friendly brands that do not misuse non-recyclable plastics and whose production methods are respectful to the planet.

Brands adapted to the new era, which are trying to reduce this waste, which decomposes over thousands of years. For this reason, we opted for 100% recyclable and 100% recycled packaging.

Yes, we know that it is difficult to change our consumer habits from day to day, but it is enough to make a positive contribution of one percent every day. Because if we all contribute our grains of sand, if we all say that we care about our planet and are committed to protecting the environment, we will leave a habitable home for future generations and for other living beings.