Love potion – a fresh tip for Valentine’s toast

Love potion – a fresh tip for Valentine’s toast

Do you know how the celebrations of Valentine’s Day began?

The tradition of St. Valentine’s Day has started in the 16th century, but it has not been picked up by many countries in Europe by the end of the 20th century.

The origin of this holiday is linked to a legend that tells a story of a pagan priest named Valentine. In the 3rd century AD, Valentine was allegedly converted to the Christian faith. The Emperor at that time – Claudius II.  – issued a decree which made it impossible for Roman soldiers to marry because he did not want the marriage to cause a distraction to the soldiers. However, despite the ban on couples in love, Valentin married the soldiers. When the emperor found out, he was imprisoned and sentenced to death. Before the fateful day, Valentin wrote a love letter to the daughter of a prison warden, whom he was allegedly in love with. The day of his execution was February 14, 296 AD. Pope Gelasius established the day of the death of St. Valentine’s Day for Memorial Day. Depending on the country and culture, there are various other legends about the origin of this holiday.

Love Potion

You do not have to wait for the special Valentine’s Day to show love. You have the opportunity to show affection to your loved ones throughout the whole year. But if you would like to treat your partner to something special, we have a recipe for a unique love potion  – a perfectly balanced non-alcoholic mocktail made of Limeñita fruit juices.




Mix orange and pineapple juice separately. Add ice to the glass and pour the mixed orange and pineapple juice. Then carefully pour the juice from the red fruit and decorate the glass with fresh oranges, mint leaves, chopped strawberries or cocktail cherries. You can also add a straw. Cheers to health and to love!