What does your breakfast reveal about you?

What does your breakfast reveal about you?
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Did you know that what you have for breakfast can reveal more about you, than you actually think? Find your breakfast in our list and let us know on Limeñita Instagram or Facebook if this characteristic fits you.

1. Oatmeal

If you have oatmeal for breakfast, it usually means that you have an organized life. You know what you want, what your plan is, and you follow it conscientiously. You will have the effort to get up earlier each morning to prepare this warm dish with various toppings and to enjoy it.

2. Avocado toast

You like trends, you are a fan of late breakfasts and you usually take pictures of your food before you eat it. You love healthy food and like to look for new products. Surely you have already tried quinoa, cold pressed juice …

Plus, you have a bonus point if the toast is wholemeal ?

3. Sugary cereal

Still a child at heart and you love the sweet. You don’t have to worry about anything and you have a collection of different coloured bowls at home. You don’t like change and the topic of healthy food doesn’t tell you anything. However, beware of portions, cereal usually contains a large amount of added sugar.

4. Sandwich with bacon and egg

You are aware of the importance of breakfast and you do not mind the classics. Optimism is your middle name. Boiled egg? You are perfectionist. Scramble? You are obsessed with productivity. Poached egg? You are disciplined as a monk. So fry an egg, toast the bread, open a newspaper and enjoy a peaceful morning.

5. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is a candidate for breakfast suitable for adding a photo of it on Instagram. However, when you prepare it, it does not look as good as the post of the food blogger you are following …. And so you enjoy it’s taste in peace, without bothering about the photo.

6. Sweet pastry

Although pastries for breakfast are not the best choice, but you feel like you are getting an impulse of creativity every time you bring a sweet croissant or brioche from the bakery. You are spontaneous and bakery tourism is your favourite activity.

7. Cereal bar

You understand that breakfast is important, but time is a priority for you. You gave up on breakfast a long time ago. You’d better sleep longer and enjoy the cereal bar on the way to work. Again, however, pay attention to the added sugar.

8. Belgian waffles / pancakes

If you are happy to dive into a pile of pancakes or waffles with pieces of chocolate, we bet that you are picky, paying attention to how fluffy pancakes or waffles are, how much maple syrup you put on them and what type of chocolate you use to sprinkle.