Why do we love autumn?

Why do we love autumn?
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Autumn is the most underrated and unpopular of the seasons. We often hear about how much people like spring or summer, but does someone also talk about the joys of autumn?

Colorful leaves, sweaters, boots, scarves and coats that were in the closet all year round, long pyjamas, blankets and movie nights (preferably with Limeñita juices).

In autumn, there are many opportunities for activities (outdoor but also in the comfort of home), they do not include heat, beach or sunny sky, but they will definitely entertain you.

  • A walk! We mean it. Even if it’s cold, it’s raining – put on a raincoat or take an umbrella and walk through your favourite places.
  • Create a special playlist for the fall. Music awakens emotions and emotions leave a mark in memory. Find a few minutes a day for inspiration, listen to our autumn playlist.
  • Make room in your closet. Sort out your clothes and get rid of everything you don’t use. Clean apartment or house = clear mind.
  • The table games are back. Old-fashioned? Where. Knowledge games, logic games, cards … The choice is yours.
  • Explore your culinary site. Roasted chestnuts, mushrooms, doula paste or even seasonal artichokes, grapes and pumpkins come to the table. Experiment!