5 tips for the perfect picnic

5 tips for the perfect picnic
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Summer is the perfect time for a picnic in the park with your loved ones. Have you ever wondered where the name “picnic” comes from?

The word picnic comes from the French word pique-nique, from the 18th century, referring to a social event that took place outside, during which food was enjoyed.

In this post we will bring you some tips on how to improve your picnic:

  • Packing food

Pack the food properly – keep the cold food cold and keep the warm food warm – thermos, for example, is suitable for soups. Wrap cold food in cooler bags, add pack in cooler cartridges. Also bring a small cutting board, a knife and light plates / cutlery.

However, we recommend omitting heat-sensitive foods, such as mayonnaise or eggs.

  • Diversity is important

Take with you a selection of different dips (such as hummus), different types of pastries and salads – the limit is only your imagination. Canned products such as tuna or olives are also suitable.

It is better to prepare sandwiches and baguettes that could get soggy right at the picnic and prepare the ingredients in advance.

  • Choose foods that you can eat with hands

Sandwiches, fruit skewers, corn, cupcakes, homemade sticks, muffins (salty or sweet) or puff pastry snacks. The choice is yours.

  • Prepare for bugs and insects

Tip from us: if you take glasses for drinks with you, take some muffin cups and cover the top of the cup with them. Ants won’t get into the cup.

If you are planning a picnic near the river, take a repellent with you.

  • Bring refreshing drinks

Soft drinks, such as mocktails (Mojito or Piña Colada) are recommended. Fruit-flavored water is also suitable.

Tip from us: Add chilled drinks to the cooler bag with food – not only will they stay cold, but they will also cool the food in the bag.

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