5 Steps to Boost Your Creativity

5 Steps to Boost Your Creativity
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Collaborate with other creative minds

Plato believed that the only way one could reach knowledge and truth was through dialectic; which basically means a dialogue between two or more people. So, it is not too crazy to believe that collaborating with others may just be what you need to boost your creativity. Every mind is a universe built with its own unique experiences, and brainstorming with others will surely unlock new ideas.

Try playing a musical instrument

The coordination of mind and body involved in playing a guitar is known to develop creativity. Many famous figures, such as Albert Einstein, attributed part of their success to music.

Use your hands to make things

We use our hands as a tool to express ourselves and interact with others. When we make something by hand, such as crafts, we focus on our senses and relax our minds.  It is a highly intuitive activity that stimulates creative thinking. Try with a home décor DIY project.


This is the simplest and perhaps most important tip for you to stay with. The average person sits between 7 and 15 hours daily. This has a negative effect on your health and your mood, which means it can also be terrible for your creativity. Walking is not only will not only improve your physical health by getting you to move, but it is also widely believed to stimulate thought. In fact,

Plato’s disciple, Aristotle was known to walk around while teaching, forcing his students to follow him, and his thoughts and works have remained until today. So, what are you waiting for, take a walk! You might come up with the idea of the century.


In the same way your car needs fuel, your body needs hydration to keep your brain active and focused on your new creative projects. Drink something fresh, try with some juices, smoothies or even a cold tea.