Christmas in a mug and on plate

Christmas in a mug and on plate
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The most beautiful time of the year – Advent – is in full swing. We cannot imagine this season without gifts, Christmas songs, cakes and drinks, such as mulled wine, punch, rum grog or eggnog.

This year, why not also enjoy the Christmas atmosphere with the delicious non-alcoholic Limeñita Mulled Winter Warmer mocktail, which you can enjoy hot or cold? Tip from us: try to heat it in a pot with whole cinnamon.

Or try this recipe from @paulinasuga – cinnamon-apple pancakes filled with milk caramel candy served with apple chutney from Limeñita Mulled Winter Warmer.

From @paulinasuga



• 500 g of cottage cheese
• 2 eggs
• 50 g sugar / sweetener
• 1 teaspoon vanilla powder
• 1 apple
• cinnamon
• 50 g oats
• 1 packet of baking powder
• milk caramel candy
• flour for dusting the board

For apple chutney:

Limeñita Mulled Winter Warmer
• 1 apple
• water


Mix cottage cheese, sugar and eggs with a hand blender until a smooth mixture is formed. Peel and grate the apple and squeeze out the excess juice. Add the apple to the mixture and mix. Blend the oats into flour and add it to the mixture together with baking powder, vanilla and cinnamon and mix thoroughly again.

Take the dough on a tablespoon and place it on a floured board. Wrap the caramel milk candy in it and shape it into a patty.

Preheat the pan with butter and fry the pancakes over low-medium heat with the pan covered. Turn the pancakes over and fry on both sides.

While the pancakes are frying, cook the diced ​​apple over low heat with 250 ml of Limeñita Mulled Winter Warmer and allow the liquid to reduce.

The pancakes with the apple chutney should be served warm. This is the ideal recipe for a weekend morning in the warmth of home surrounded by family. Vanilla and cinnamon create the real holiday atmosphere.

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