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Plan your 2022 with Limeñita

Want to stay on track with your resolutions? Download and print out this document to help you keep up with your goals!

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What is the difference between rPET, cardboard and glass?

In this article, we will look together at a comparison of materials, specifically rPET, cardboard and glass, from different aspects of ecology and ease of use.

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Christmas, Christmas, Christmas is coming!

Every year the holidays pass you by with a blink of an eye? Make the most of this time! That’s why today we’re tossing out some ideas on how to make the most of your holiday time. Take your friends to the ice rink Since the beginning of December,...

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Why do we love autumn?

Autumn is the most underrated and unpopular of the seasons. We often hear about how much people like spring or summer, but does someone also talk about the joys of autumn?

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What is the difference between “fresh”, juice and nectar?

Don't know the difference between juice, fruit drink and nectar? In this blog, we will introduce you to various types of fruit drinks so that you can choose the right one next time.

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5 tips for the perfect picnic

Summer is the perfect time for a picnic in the park with your loved ones. Have you ever wondered where the name "picnic" comes from?