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What is the difference between “fresh”, juice and nectar?

Don't know the difference between juice, fruit drink and nectar? In this blog, we will introduce you to various types of fruit drinks so that you can choose the right one next time.


Can you solve this puzzle?

Solve this problem with Limeñita.

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5 tips for the perfect picnic

Summer is the perfect time for a picnic in the park with your loved ones. Have you ever wondered where the name "picnic" comes from?


Can you find all fruits and vegetables?

Find all the fruits and vegetables, in 8 directions. To mark a word, select the first letter of the word and the last, the word will be automatically selected.

juicy tips

5 creative ways to use pineapple juice in recipes

Pineapple juice is a great refreshment in itself, we have no doubt about that. But if you like to experiment in the kitchen, try these 5 tips to revive classic recipes.

Are you a fruit expert? Test yourself!

Are you a fruit expert? Test yourself in this quiz! What is another name for acerola? What is the vitamin content of acerola? Do you dare to answer all the questions correctly?